Many times a correct selection of dispersing – or high shear mixer equipment – will be the key for optimal usage of added ingredients in the process. 
Repeatable batches meeting the quality request, less waste of expensive components and less filter load will give cost savings.

Dispersing may be possible in different ways and with various design of radial flow impellers or aggressive disc designs is one option we can provide. 
Another and a potentially more interesting way (depending on type of duty) are special mixers based on the rotor/stator principle for tank mixing or in-line use. The technology is excellent for creating a homogenous result in short time without agglomerates and when making emulsions with a certain drop let size. New equipment designs will also make it possible to inject powders directly into the mixers. The usage of valuable ingredients is optimized and units can be built in for dust free operation. See this video which illustrates the technology.

In addition of dispersing lumps, gels and oils – and gas dispersing is the case - there is a great opportunity to use the latest impeller technology. Lightnin has developed an up pumping system which disperse gas but is sensitive to ev catalysts. Mass transfer rate can be with about 40% at same energy input or less. 
ESCO – Labor produces multi-purpose process plants with a useful volume of one to 400 liters. The smaller laboratory process plants are also available with double-walled glass vessels. All mixers are designed to meet the highest pharmaceutical standards (e.g., FDA). Depending on the customer’s requirements, the process plants are additionally supplied with process visualization and optionally in ATEX.

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