Whatever you want to agitate a large tank or operate small lab batches – you shall feel free to ask.
Please let us know if your task is a storage duty, solid suspension or liquid-liquid blending, heat transfer or similar.

Useful info is also the physical data of the product (and solids) as well the vessel geometry. If new tanks are planned we may come up with suggestions for optimal shapes depending on desired process result.

Are you looking for dispersing or powder make down, please scroll to Section Dispersing/Powder wetting.

Please note that Bergius with the collection of brands have a long history of serving the food and pharma, power and energy and industrial market sectors. Supplying designs and engineered solutions to help customers drive efficiency and productivity, increase quality and reliability, and meet the latest regulatory demands. 
In-depth understanding of applications and processes, state-of-the-art Innovation Centers, and advanced pilot/testing technology further assist in optimizing processes and reducing timescales to reliably meet production targets.  Lightnin as an example is the leading brand of innovating open impeller types and mixer systems to suit.

Alternative to open impeller systems for blending purposes is the jet stream mixer design consisting of an impeller inside a fixed stator. The jet stream technology gives a more direct head and suction force to mix different viscosities in short time etc.

Or if your roots are from food and pharma processing and hygienic design is a topic – we can then propose magnetic driven stirrers without seal and through shafts. These so called mag driven mixers are mostly installed from tank bottom. However top entry mag drives are also available.

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