Homogenisation / Particle size reduction

Microfluidics processors with fixed geometry pressure chambers for uniform droplet size.

Homogenisation/Micronisation/Fluidisation/Particle size reduction (to nano level)

When developing nano- and microemulsions, dispersions or encapsulations such as liposomes, LNPs or polymer nanoparticles, or when you have to efficiently rupture biological cell in biotechnology, a Microfluidizer Processor is your ideal tool. Stable submicron emulsions and dispersions with very good homogeneity and narrow particle size  distributions and great yields of biological cell disruption processes are routinely being achieved with the technology. Compared to results achieved  with more conventional methods like homogenisers , the Microfluidizer process yields much smaller particles and more narrow particle size reductions. And last not least, the process is guaranteed scalable.

Microfluidizer Processors utilize a combination of a constant pressure pumping system with process pressures up to 2000 bar and Microfluidics’ proprietary fixed-geometry Interaction Chambers™ to enable our customers to achieve unparalleled success. Many different types of Microfluidizer Processors for laboratory, pilot and production are available, including pharmaceutical cGMP versions. Learn more here: Nanoemulsion Formulation Solutions

Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors are capable of achieving unparalleled, consistent, dependable and scalable results in the areas of submicron particle size reduction, dispersion, cell rupture and the narrowest particle size distributions. Our high-pressure homogenizers are used extensively by leading companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, energy, cosmetic/cosmeceutical and food/nutraceutical industries.

Masuko mills for effective grinding.

Masuko grinders for micro level grinding.

Antibacterial (non-porous) ceramic grinding stones guarantee a high quality end product. For wet and dry grinding. Very large application area with over 150 different types of grinding stones. For food and chemical industry.

Newest application areas are within micro-cellulose and production of various composite materials.


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