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Bag filters

Amafilter offers a wide range of bag filter housings. Bag filter housings are an easy to use and cost effective product for the filtration of liquids containing higher concentrations of coarse solids. They are particularly beneficial when handling batches of various liquids. Amafilter bag filter housings can be used as end-filtration or for the polishing of liquids with extremely low concentrations of solids. Of course we also offer many kinds of different filter bags specifically selected for your application.

Pressure filter systems

Amafilter has an extensive range of pressure filtration systems. Like the Cricketfilter, especially suited for separating fine solids from fluids, widely deployed in applications such as edible oil, gelatine, cocoa butter, sugar, sweeteners, oleo chemicals, mining and amine cleaning. Also many types of vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters can be adapted to the customer’s specific applications needs.

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