About Bergius

All companies within the process industry will find that the added value we bring is paid back shortly. A proper selection of the most suitable mixing equipment for your application is important for the welfare of your endproduct. Either you want to process in batch, in line or in any other ways which we can give you ideas of. Besides “fluid mixers” we offer advanced machines for milling and dispersing in wet and dry conditions. As well as kneaders and blenders for pastes and powders. Up or down stream we can also offer customized filters for liquid and particle separation. Bergius is a distributor leading manufacturers in such areas and you can easily find more info of these technologies listed under “LINKS“.

Since 2002 we are a part of the Chemo-Invest Group together with Teamator (instruments). The group has eight employees and sells process machinery and instruments for about 2 m euro/year. With the various technologies we offer you will find a clear line from stirring and mixing to heavy wet milling and homogenization. Finally we can within the group help you with the analysis. Simply all is about how you stir, mix and knead the best way – and at the same time you may have an eye on the results!

You can study the different companies in more detail at: www.chemo-invest.se respectively. www.teamator.com

If your inquiry is urgent please call us at +46 (0) 42-25 03 60 or send an email to info@bergius.se and we will get back to you as as possible.