As an experienced and innovative producer of advanced mixers, dispersers and processing systems, Ystral offers complete systems
and tailored equipment for a variety of processing tasks.
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Has over 85 years of unrivaled experience in fluid mixing technology, process knowledge and impeller inovations. Lightnin®, an SPXn brand enjoys a global reputation of durable, long lasting mixers and agitators.
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Is highly specialized in design, development and manufacturing of aseptic magnetic driven mixers and enhanced pharmaceutical tank accessories. Registered trademarks are Steriflange®, Sterivalve®, Sterisample®. You can read more about the most used and original Sterimixer® »


Statiflo Int. the pure designer and innovator of static mixers and the technology thereof. Through experience and inspiration Statiflo strengthen its reputation as the leader of static mixers worldwide. Read more »


Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors are the gold standard in nano-enabled applications for uniform particle size reduction, cell disruption and nanoparticle creation – with scale up guaranteed. Discover why a number pharma and P&P companies innovate their products with Microfluidics technology. Visit Microfluidics »


Manufacture and deliver Ultra-Fine grinding machines such as Micro-Meister, Ceren-Meister and Supermasscolloider. Mills and Grinders that can process raw materials into smooth paste, mfc or nfc.
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This an important link to you who have to deal with powders, solids and non fluent pastes and similar. We and Winkworth Machinery Ltd. help producers in this area were uniformity and consistency is important when mixing granules, powders, pastes and gums etc. Read more »

Plenty Side Entry Mixers

Plenty side entry mixers for blending, homogenizing and temperature uniformity duties.
Most popular for big tank installations in refinery, fuel depots and similar applications. Visit Plenty »


Is the manufacturer of GORATOR® – The dynamic processing unit for defined solid sizes (in millimeter) and stable solid-liquid mixtures.
This at high continuous flow rates which are is common in CPI and P&P industries.
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amafilter within the Mahle group provides a unique spectrum of engineered filters and separation systems for solid-liquid applications.
Typical installations we work with and improving are for edible oil, sugar, beverage, coating, ink and refinery industries. Read more »


From Russell-Finex Ltd we offer a wide range of vertical and horizontal Self-Cleaning filters. The oversized “dirt” material is pushed to the sump
and can be removed automatically without stopping the filter or process.


Hielscher ultrasonic devices are in use worldwide as lab- and pilotmixers, high shear mixing equipment, full-size in-line homogenizers or particle mills. Read more and visit Hielscher Ultrasonic GmbH